Systems and Services

II. Students understand the systems and technologies that facilitate the management and use of information resources to serve the diverse needs of users.

II.a. Students identify and analyze information needs of individuals and communities.

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LIS 5020 Foundations of Library and Information Science

Activism Presentation

This project provided an early introduction to the need for creating dynamic, interesting ways to present information to our users. Simultaneously, we delved into determining the what our communities are asking for and also ways to determine their unknown needs. Finally, we were introduced to many of the resources that are available to us in working with our patrons.

II.b. Students evaluate and select print and digital resources and systems to meet needs of users.


High School Media Center Collection Development Policy

Reflecting back on the past two years, I am grateful to USF for providing opportunities that I had not imagined. Due to COVID, my MBA employment contracts ended. I needed a job and the MLIS program gave me access to become a Media Specialist in the local school system. Over the past year and a half, I have worked in Media Centers for both a relatively affluent and demographically diverse high school and a Title I elementary school with almost completely uniform demographics.

I have learned so much from my employment within public schools. While the main thing that I learned is that working in public schools is a calling, and I do not have that calling. More importantly, my work in the schools has disabused me of ideas I had regarding what actual students need to prepare them for life. This begins with the fact that we cannot provide students with the materials they need by asking the students who are already in Public or Academic libraries. We must go into the communities, locate the students are not being served, and find ways to engage with them.

Well designed and implemented Collection Development plans are ideal for meeting the wants and needs of our users

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II.c. Students understand and use appropriate information technology for information services.

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LIS 5020 Foundations of Library and Information Science

Issue Briefing

As information professionals, we strive to provide the most accurate data to our communities. The current climate of "fake news" has produced a generation that routinely turns to social media for their information.

Throughout my MLIS program we learned the importance of producing resources to facilitate ways for our communities to access reliable and accurate information. It is no longer enough to provide our patrons with quality data. We must instill the importance of data integrity and empower them with the tools that they need to access reliable resources.