Knowledge Representation

III. Students are proficient in the theory and application of skills essential for knowledge representation in evolving technology environments, in any chosen area of specialization.

I.a. Students analyze, organize, and describe various formats of information objects.

Unique Challenges to Cataloging Library 2.0.docx

LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge

Research Paper

I am embarrassed to admit this. However... three years ago I had no idea that there were other options than the Dewey Decimal System for organizing catalogs. I had even worked as an Assistant Branch Manager and Children's programmer for several years. I won the "Librarian of the Year" distinction at the Central Arkansas Library System. My experience with the MLIS program has taught me so much. Most importantly I have learned that there is no "one size fits all" option for organizing collections. As with so much else in librarianship, librarians must approach their communities with open ears, minds and hearts. What best serves the community can change rapidly. USF has taught me the importance of maintaining the relationship with your community.

LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge

Taxonomy Exercise

Librarianship continues to grow in new and unexpected ways. Throughout my MLIS program, instructors emphasized the importance of utilizing systematic, organized methods of maintaining data. In the taxonomy exercise, we practiced developing classification systems for our own media. This process led us to understand the precision required in developing the systems and how to choose the best system for the end user's needs.

Assignment 5. taxonomy.docx

III.b. Students identify and apply best practices in the use of different technologies for knowledge representation.

Updating Your Drivers License.pptx

LIS 6303 Preparing Instructional Material

Presentation Software Project

The value of our work in the library must improve the lives of our communities. During the COVID lockdown we were forced to find new ways to relate to our patrons and provide them with resources to continue their altered lives. In this presentation, I demonstrate how to patrons could renew their driver's licenses when traditional methods were not available.

LIS 6303 Preparing Instructional Material

Audio/Video Project

In this class, I learned how to use many types of programs to create media that facilitates the distribution of information. I was introduced to creative tools. I realized that these tools could be used to both share information, and to empower our patrons to share their own experiences. Our stories tell who we are and how we got here. We must be able to tell these stories in ways that make sense to ourselves and our communities if we are to grow as a nation. The library provides everyone, even the most vulnerable among us, a way to find that voice. In turn we find our place in the community.

My Movie