Intro to Instructional Design Activity Reflections

  • 12/7 December flurries - Not the snow type. Life tends to happen in droughts and downpours. Well, that's my experience, anyway. I think(?) I will end up being a media specialist in, well, a matter of weeks. Everything was barren 48 hours ago. Then there was a post to the message board for MS in Pinellas County. Maybe more than 48. It was Friday morning. Friday afternoon, I was interviewing with the coordinator. As I sat down to write my reflections, I received a call from the HR department. So many tasks to accomplish & they are all due immediately.

I think I drift a bit more than most of the respondents. But for me, the work/ life intersection (not 'balance,' because that's so rare. It's a juggling act, not a balancing act) is integral to the the process(es). Life, the universe & everything. The only thing getting me through is my information super-powers. AKA - knowledge.

I do like a lot of the stuff I loaded to my portfolio. But I want to re-do them all. You were so generous and encouraging. I rarely hit the mark 100%. I was trying new and different programs. However, I have gained so much experience and practice. I see how I could improve and correct. And now I even have a real office. So that's very helpful.

What a strange, bizarre semester. And I feel so bad for Dr. Austin. 2020 has been so difficult on us all. I am ready to have it all behind me. However.... this semester, this year, this experience is making me re-think my process. I know we are all familiar with those 90's motivational posters that encourage you to remember that 'it is not about the destination, it is the journey.' Am I respecting my journey?

Again the classes are bleeding into each other. And I am finally playing Dungeons & Dragons, after a lifetime of trying to get the boys to let me join in. I need to respect and honor where I am. What I'm doing. What I'm learning. These are the stepping stones along my path.

  • 12/3 Alright! Let's get ready for some "Multimedia in ePortfolios!" Yes, my portfolio is pretty barren at the moment. I am intimated by it. The only thing up there is a post that Dr. McCook said, "Ohh! this should go in your portfolio!" I know Drs. Reyes & Huang have provided assignments (that I aced) that should be portfolio worthy. But I'm squeamish.

Actually, I know what I'm going to do... I'm going to just load everything in there & trim from there.

OK, let's do this assignment...

I loaded a bunch of "stuff" onto my ePortfolio. I'm going to have to make the online presentations that review the portfolios a priority from now on. I'm also going to have to start masking reflection journals, etc. At the end of this semester, I'm going to mask these reflection pages & set up ones for going forward.

I also want to update some of the projects that I have up. I have gotten a lot better at my timing, etc. I still really like the "Elevator Speach" video that I made for Dr. Reyes, but I need to update/ correct the timing. And I like the "Vote" poster I made for this class, but I left off a "the." That will also give me more practice with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Then I can start using it in applying to jobs!!

  • 12/2 I just finished Vanya's questionnaire. I really enjoyed the project. You were both correct to say "Are you ready to have some fun?" My first task in both classes was the compiled answer to the question. My first group was the best. One member was lost and didn't login until we were pretty much wrapped up. But the small group discussion was great! It provided more room to consider options. There wasn't the pressure to get the answer "correct." It felt like a fun book club.

The second group I worked with was a bust. They didn't participate. I felt like I was just floating out by myself. And given the nature of the text (a reporter and a fashion designer), I felt like there was a correct answer. I didn't have anyone to discuss it with. I suppose if it was a classroom setting, the participants would be required to check in. If it was a public library setting (where I plan to land), that could be frustrating.

The second project wasn't as involved. For me, that meant it wasn't as interesting. The larger groups made interactions more complicated and difficult. I guess that's what you guys deal with all of the time.

  • 11/23 I can't believe that we are only a few weeks out from the end of this semester. 2020 has been such a nightmare. Honestly, MLIS is usually my refuge from the world. But thanks to (accidentally) taking an OSINT class, even school has turned into the dumpster-fire of 2020.

Don't get me wrong, creating videos & watching kids interact and grow via technology has been amazing. My mind races with the potential of Makerspaces in helping kids achieve and find their voices and love STEM. But 2020 has kept us all locked out. There are co-ops in Pinellas that are focused on coding & exploring & magic. Can you even imagine how great this semester could've have been if I could have accessed all of that. Stupid, stupid COVID. Stupid, stupid society that refused to do the very least that was asked of them.

I interviewed for a library job for the first time in 20 years. Seriously. I interview for Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Data Analysts at least 6 times a month. I can feel my responses getting less and less convincing in the MBA side of things.

But the library interview was FUN. I keep thinking of other answers I should've given. She asked if I had unlimited funds, what would I do with the library. My mind raced. I thought of a lot of really cool programs that we learned about in Dr. Reyes class & I listed those. For days afterward, I was kicking myself for not delving into Makerspaces & getting a Social Worker into each library. That's what dress rehearsals are for, right?

Most semesters, I don't even notice that we are coming to the end. I finally have the rhythm down. I know whose posts I can't wait to read. I may think, "wow, I have a lot of big projects due all at once, what is that about?" But it is always a shock that it is ending.

Not this semester. Not this year. OSINT really screwed me. And I have an A? But I don't belong there. Any more than I belonged in the MBA classes. MLIS is my tribe & I don't want to wander away again.

I need to figure out how to hide my "reflections" & do some serious work on my e-Portfolio. It will really help the next time I'm interviewing for a library job.

Thank you for everything this term. I know this reflection has been dour. I'm ready to move back into 100% MLIS!

  • 11/16 I turned in my assignment today. I make a mini-movie using PowerPoint, then saving each slide as a jpeg & importing to iMovie. I even adjusted the speed on the on the slides to match my audio. I'm getting better at that & it feels good!

I had an interview today with the Pasco system. I really connected with some of the librarians. I hope I get another interview.Even if I don't get offered a job, another interview would feel really good.

I'll be glad when I get my portfolio into shape to add to my job hunt. There's got to be a way to create links to reflection pages without linking from another page, right? So you could go straight to it, without it being included in the contents. We learned how to look those up in my OSINT class. (Why did I take the OSINT class? It is going to kill me. I misunderstood what the class was about. What kind of librarian needs those skills???)

  • 11/12 Big storm yesterday. You were so kind and pro-active towards us. I've known that I had found my tribe when I went back for my MLIS. My M.B.A. always felt like wearing spanx. Even in pajamas.

I had thought that there would be a second part to the story activity? I am a little disappointed that there isn't. But I'm working with a new group in the other class. They seem more lively, which is making it more fun.

And I have another project due at midnight on Monday. No clue what it will be about. And five days out is kind of pathetic. I had planned to do a piece about the joy of my swimming pool, but that was better suited to the other class. And it's getting too chilly to capture good footage, anyway. I know my dad still really wants me to do something about his mother's side of the family. I should do that.

I was supposed to have my first real, live, honest-to-goodness interview for a librarian position. (Well? The last 2 were over 20 years ago. On the plus side, I was offered both positions?)

It is delightful that I am much more concerned about the topic than I am about how I will pull it off. Learning to adjust the video to match the audio on my iPad with iMovies has been a game-changer.

  • 11/5 We completed the story exercise, I had two interviews, I worked the polls on Election Day. It was exhausting.

I'm really intrigued as to the second part of this activity. The first part was interesting. I wish Tatiana had joined us sooner. Ashley and I bonded over putting the answer together. There was a lot of emailing back & forth. I hope it didn't deny the researchers anything to have missed out on that.

Once Tatiana chimed in, she had some interesting things to add to the conversation. However, Ashley & I had pretty much wrapped up.

It looks like I will be working with a different group for Part 2 of the project. I am kind of bummed about that, since Ashley & I were hitting our stride.

I don't remember "thinking" about the story as much in Junior High. Yes, everything was simpler then. But you didn't really "discuss" with your teacher. You answered her questions. But I do remember going on walks for hours with my friends just talking, discussing - we never got bored. I can see how there would be a lot of potential here.

  • 10/27 Ashley Matthews is pretty much holding up her end of the the team work. Our other teammate has never checked in. I tried to blend our answers. We will see what Ashley thinks.

It's not so much that she hasn't participated, she never checked in. How would this work in real life? I can see the benefits & limitations to this methodology. It can be quite frustrating.

  • 10/22 Wow! I'm pretty certain that the Virtual Team Assignment was for the other class. So, I'm just going to talk about what I did do today. Once the classes started rolling (& I had such unexpected & delightful results with Adobe), I set a goal for myself to try as many different programs as possible. A different program every time. And I was pretty delighted & surprised watching the videos of people making videos on PowerPoint. I wanted to 'play around' & see what kind of results I got.

It's been interesting bouncing back & forth between the classes & videos. I make a rough outline and draft of a bunch of kids creating a 'Story Circle' at their library. I used Creative Commons clip art and had one girl jumping with joy, another walk over o a computer station, another move out of the way & the easel got bigger. So they could work on their story board.

Then I had pictures in rows & moved them around to change up the story a little. There were challenges with transitions, etc. But it wasn't frustrating. Just fun. Tomorrow I'm going to add the narration. I think I'm going to give Audicity a try? I know I said that I was going to start doing the narration first. However, in this case, I didn't really know where the story was going to take me.

I realized about half way through that it was my own 'longing' for a story circle that was manifesting itself in the PowerPoint (have I been watching & reading too many Gothic tales this Halloween season? Maybe? Probably.)

Then after getting my rough draft set up, I was reading & watching more of the videos & you were talking about how they needed to be inclusive. And that credit should be given. I was shocked that I had been so daft! So I added an opening slide & a closing slide. I had to get more transitions in & I wanted the words to roll out. I think I waited too long to add the bullets to go along with the action, but it happens fast enough that it should work out. But that's definitely something I need to add to my next project.

  • 10/21 OK I did not mean to go 9 days without checking in. This semester (entire year?) has just been weird & off. I will say that I'm really glad the experiment came along. I do remember reading 'The Lady or the Tiger' in Junior High and writing about it. It stands out so strongly because it was the first time I remember writing a sentence that I was really proud of. I remember writing that the The Princess loved her man, "with a passion that we, as civilized humans, could not understand." I was so proud of that. It has stayed with me this whole time.

And it feels good to be interacting with my classmates. This semester has left me feeling isolated and confused. And I cannot honestly say if that is a reflection of my life bleeding into my schoolwork, or my own compulsion to live my life like it's a cookbook. Well, I guess I already know that answer. I told myself that I would do a reflection every day, even just bouncing back and forth between classes.

Anyway, I like the concept of the project that we are working on. I wonder how it would've worked in 6th grade? I have no idea how technology and school are interacting these days. Especially since Covid.

But if kids could get this to work, I think it could be really interesting. Last spring, I was on a team with Kristin Platchett & we created a LibGuide. In our case it was for Junior High science fair projects.

I read an amazing article about a group of educators who were reinventing the entire process. It was much more team-based. The results were pretty impressive. Collaboration is more and more necessary in today's world. My only concern is that I was SO TIMID. Terrified, really.

Let's see how this goes!

  • 10/12 To review, here is "Thing 2"

For Thing 2 (5 points) the project must be paper based and fit the theme you've chosen. Even in this media, web-based, virtual, cloud-oriented world, sometimes we need to create tangible pieces to handout at our library, conferences, workshops, festivals, wherever! You’ll create the piece electronically, but it must print out into an acceptable artifact. If you need to, create it in a printable PDF form or make sure to add the bleeds/printer's marks for printing to the edge of a page. It is okay to turn the electronic version of the print piece (Thing 2). Take a picture of your print materials if possible and include that in your reflection.

Try to keep accessibility, proper image resolution (higher for print than electronic), and good design practices in mind when creating your projects. Resources are provided in this module or research these topics on your own to support your work.

Thing 2: Upload the electronic file for your print(able) piece. I may print it off to see how it translates to print. Also, you should test your piece before submitting by printing it out. Scan or take a digital image of the printed piece to see how it worked. Include the image in your reflection. If you completed your project and find out that the format is too large for your printer or you do not have access to color (if it is in color), or other issue arises, just include the electronic file in your submission, but explain the circumstance in your reflection. Hint: Try not to start work on a project you know you cannot ultimately print. Note: you have free printing as a USF student at the Marshall Center student resource office, including printing in large format and color, if that helps. You can but are not required to spend money on printing your project. Should you need assistance or have questions, please let me know

Have I painted myself into a corner with the 'Vote' theme? I mean, I could create bookmarks or handouts on 'How to Vote,' but that seems pretty ineffectual.

OK, let's think this through. Here are some options for determining my audience:

      • Regular patrons to the library: Set up a table at the entrance with voter registration applications, a map of districts. Literature provided by any & all candidates on the table, a map of the area with distracts laid out & polling places noted. Maybe work with the League of Women Voters to determine other (nonpartisan) resources. Information on relevant ballot initiatives. Books to check out. Thing 2: Handouts that summarized the information & provided appropriate links, including a QR code for page that had the hyperlinks available; also a poster with a summary of the information, a link to a the main website with links & a QR code to the website

      • Members of the community not currently involved with the library community: All of the above, with the addition of a staff member or volunteer with MiFi access to also register new library members. This would be available at community events - including, but not exclusive to, Farmer's Markets, the Countyside Mall, in front of agreeable venues (Publix, Target, the closed street section of downtown Clearwater, St Petersburg College Campus, apparently there is a growing craft brew area?)

In both cases, I think we would need literature in both English & Spanish

  • 10/10 I realized that having to scroll to the bottom to find the most recent post must be a confusing mess. So, I'm adjusting the posts so the most recent is at the top. (Check me out! Giving thought & making adjustments based on user experience).

Current "concern." Not exactly a concern. I need to build a 'Thing 2.' So, I could make bookmarks about voting. But here is what I want to do - Career Trading Cards. I was even trying to think of some sort of cross-over. How Public, Academic, School/ Academic & Special Librarians could encourage voting. Not sure about that? It's definitely a project that I need to keep in my back pocket. Maybe I will just do some more research.

  • 10/6 So, I'm hoping that you noticed that I 'kicked it up a notch' on my website. I even created a new LinkedIn account, just for library stuff. You threw me off by putting Module 3 assignment due in November & Module 4 due on Monday. I know the dates are flexible, but it did throw my schedule off. So here is my news - I'm going to face the Adobe dragon right in it's face. I'm kind of terrified. So please wish me A LOT of luck!

  • 10/6 I did it! I can't believe it! I have successfully made a file in Adobe Cloud Suite!! My husband (a computer tech guy) had zero faith in me. Well? To start, he did have faith. And he helped me figure out how to access the Creative Suite. I had no problem downloading the basic full (read / write) version of Adobe. I can add signatures like nobody's business. So when he said, "Yeah, you've used photoshop before, right?" And I replied "nope." He just said, "Good luck" & shrugged his shoulders.

Seriously. It wasn't bad. I realized that another "and" should probably have been included. By the time I realized that, it was already a completed JPEG & there wasn't a way to go back & make adjustments. So, I'm going to have to learn how to save things to a version that can still be manipulated.

Today, I also created a new email address for myself (, so that I could create a new LinkedIn profile ( I made a file in Adobe & I updated my website (that has had an oddly large number of visitors over the past month? I'm 98% sure that you are not checking for new entries 20 times a day? So who is visiting so much? Do you think they like the updates?

I'm kind of floating on air now! The fact that I still suck at aligning my audio & video, not to mention that I am still unemployed is kind of a bummer. But this feels good. Really good.

I did it!

  • 9/30 Well. That was H-A-R-D. I mean, really, really hard. But I do have a horrible habit of making things more difficult than they need to be. My brain runs in a million directions.And, in all honestly, it was that stupid, stupid narration that was really tripping me up. The beginning was even going pretty well. But as I was walking through multiple steps, the pacing was completely off. Maybe one day I can record video & audio at the same time. That would've helped. For now, that is not an option. I need to play with more software. There has GOT to be a way to do this seamlessly. I'm going to do some research and look at more software options.

9/29 Gah!!!! The adding narration is driving me NUTZ. It's my white whale. It's the albatross that I will be forced to carry! Crap, crap, crappity-crap! I got my videos completed & I'm satisfied with the auto-play after the user clicks the spacebar. But getting the narration to just play is driving me nuts. It drove me nuts over the summer in Dr. R's class & I just need to get this thing to work.

I wish this weren't the world of COVID. I feel like the Main Library in Clearwater would've had a Makerspace that could help me out. However, not only are Makerspaces closed & libraries are running on limited hours here - The Main library is closed for renovations.

I did learn a lot. And reflection is going to help. I thought I had storyboarded it with my screenshots & narration typed in the notes. However, more planning upfront is necessary.

Suggested reflective question: Are there any others (including on the list provided) you may have used or of which you are familiar?

I am completely unfamiliar with any Instructional Design models. I did have a semester on Developmental Psychology in undergrad, circa-1992?

  • 9/27

I think the link to the University of Oregon webpage is broken, or outdated. I really liked the YouTube videos. He did a great job showing & explaining best practices. I still need to decide what to make my project about. I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person. However, this class & the Digital Storytelling class are beginning to make me wonder? What do I want to share with the world? What do I have to offer? It's hard to imagine what are the best practices for designing the presentation, when I don't know what to present.

So, I am not entirely dull and uncreative. I do love to **play**. I am going to have to remember to keep my presentations clean, uncluttered and easy to follow. I can create very busy, very overwhelming quickly. Playing it cool is not my strong suit. However, I do like to think of myself as pragmatic. I am more interested in what is effective, than what is going to grab attention.

Yeah, the WSU link is not working, either.

I never really considered the "warm tones for lettering, cool tones for back grounds" or "will your presentation be run in a light room or a dark room" questions. Wow! There really is a lot to consider. And how many of the presenters over the years have known these things? Going back to my Serial Loser / Cereal Loser analogy from the other class, maybe some of my struggles have been due to poor quality presentations? Sounds good, anyway?

  • 9/24 Story-boarding - Let's do this thing

Step 1 - Choose a topic You want to hear something ironic? After completing my boring Digital Storytelling assignment (as in, my submission was boring, the assignment was just fine & others in class made amazing projects), I have had several brilliant ideas on topics that would've been good. I guess I'll save that for my other log.

So. A topic. I've tossed around vetting your resources. In my brain, I could go on and on. I could just stick to three aspects - reliability of the author, a review of the methodology, accuracy and timeliness of the information. I also considered something very basic. As in "How to boil water."

"Or find a personal topic that would be fun for you to do." We have been watching a lot of the Great British Bake-Off?

Hmm.... wait. Let's follow this trail? Last night my parents got an Apple TV. They had been using a Roku for years & could not update to the new HBO Max & therefor had not been able to watch 'Raised by Wolves.' My mom is a professor of Social Work for an online doctoral program (Walden University). She teaches two classes on Wednesday & it completely drains her. I told her that if I were in her (tiny) shoes, I would just cancel the class. "Yet another reason I would make a terrible teacher." And my dad said, "But she will make a great public librarian." (OK, I might have gotten a little misty there).

I feel like there is something there. "How to choose a topic?" "How to install Apple TV?" "Why the Great British Bake-Off" is called Great British Baking Show in America?"

Wait! How to register to vote?

  • 9/18 I'm getting excited about this upcoming project. At the same time I'm pretty nervous, because I have NO idea what make. Here are some ideas I am considering (oh, no! here come the dreaded bullets!):

    • Ideally - I would love to make an interactive 'scavenger hunt' for the public library. It could be run on a tablet. (Example - What is the Dewey Decimal Classification for folktales? The answer (398.2) would set off a delightful video celebration & open the next question. There could be a prize for completing the hunt - a trinket, a picture of the winner displayed in the department, or even overdue fee forgiveness. But that's too ambitious.

    • I considered taking a stab at writing a story. But 2020 is keeping me in a dark place right now. And it is reflected in anything I try to write.

    • Maybe I can just get very basic. Instructions on something simple that poses challenges? Like learning to tie shoes?

    • Maybe an advertisement for the library & Makerspaces?

Decisions, decisions....